Tickle Me Pink

QUESTION: How can you tickle an author?  ANSWER: Write a Book Review!

There are two types of book reviews. Those done by professionals who critique books for a living. This might include the New York Book Reviews, Books & Culture, Rain Taxi, New Pages, Late Night Library, Huffington Post Books. And, of course, these types of book reviews are fantastic, but I don’t have any control over them.

The second type of book review is a customer review: these are READER REVIEWS, done by people who love to read.

Reader reviews can be quick and easy. It takes no specific skills. AND it makes a difference. Reviews build interest in a book. Reviews make readers curious.

The two main sites to place reader reviews are GOODREADS and AMAZON. Goodreads is one of my favorite books places on the web. It’s my virtual bookshelf that I’ve kept for over five years. You can write about books or just rate them on a 1 – 5 star basis. Amazon (A place many writers have a distinct love/hate relationship with) does have a great book review profile. You can review a book on Amazon even if you bought it from a different source.

I’m thankful that a few readers have already put reviews up on So Many Africas. So, take a few minutes, write a review, or copy and paste your review on a few different sites. I’ll be tickled pink if you do.

Go Here to write a review on Goodreads. 

Go Here to write a review on Amazon   (Scroll down and click on Write A Customer Review)


Jill Kandel

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