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Rebecca LeBoeuf, Editorial Assistant at The Penman Review emailed me a month ago about a Q&A for The Penman Profile.

I said sure, I ‘d love to do that. Over the course of the month, we emailed back and forth. Over the course of the month, my book and I “broke up.”

This week, I got an email from Rebecca that The Penman Profile is up. My Q&A front and center.

Even though my book and I are no longer together we have an ongoing history.

Apparently that still affects today. (This moving away from my first book  in order to write my second is feeling more and more like those bad relationships I hear about. Who gets the car? Who gets the cat? No, you can’t have that book!)

At any rate, the Q&A was fresh and inviting when I wrote it and I loved the questions Rebecca asked:

  • Have you always written?
  • What authors inspire you the most?
  • What challenges do you face in your writing and how do you overcome them?

She also asked one question I hated!

IF you could only have three books… I wanted to scream at her. NO!! Don’t ask this question! How could I ever choose THREE!??

If you’d like to read my Final (maybe) Book Review and Q&A at The Penman Profile… here it is.

With a big thank you to The Penmen Review, Southern New Hampshire’s University online journal for creative writing. They accept creative writing submissions 12 times a month. Check them out if you are interested in a great online journal to be published in.

Jill Kandel
  • Jan VanKooten
    Posted at 15:00h, 08 June Reply

    You spoke so well of your “ex”, Jill 😏. I enjoyed reading your answers to the Penman questions and could so easily hear your voice saying the words. I was warmed and touched that the last statement in the interview was about the Bible — that just seemed so right. Continued blessings on you as the next book fills your thoughts and writing times. I look forward to the outcome.

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