Prairie Public Radio Show

Yesterday I went to Prairie Public Radio and was interviewed by Ashley Thornberg. I got to sit in the fancy studio with headphones and a brilliantly large microphone almost touching my nose. I had no idea what questions Ashley would ask. As a writer I stew over my words, write, and rewrite. You can’t do that on live radio! It went pretty well. At least I didn’t embarrass myself too much. Or my family. But I woke up today thinking I should have said … I could have said …

Here’s a link to the RADIO SHOW. The show is 20 minutes long and broken up into three segments. Hope you enjoy it.

Chalk one up for another new thing that writing has brought into my life.Prairie Public 4

 PHOTO: Prairie Public Radio studio, January 2015

Jill Kandel
  • Gianna
    Posted at 16:52h, 28 January Reply

    It’s funny. You say you weren’t scared at some of those things Ashley expected you’d be scared of.

    I get that, though on a small scale I s’pose.

    Then you look back and you realize you did that thing you didn’t know you couldn’t do.
    It’s happy.
    Scary, p’raps, but happy.
    Nice job.

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