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When I have a piece ready to publish, the first place I keep an eye on is CRWROPPS. I love everything about it.  (Except it’s name; I always get the letters mixed up) CRWROPPS is the acronym for Creative Writers Opportunities, an online list-serve that distributes calls for submissions and literary contest information to writers free of charge.
I signed up for CRWROPPS years ago and in return I get an occasional email with no fluff. Just lists of journals and magazines that are calling for submissions.
Capture AllisonI met the founder and moderator of CRWROPPS, Allison Joseph, this past April at the Minneapolis AWP. It was great! And kind of surprising to have a name and a face to go with the weekly email I’d been receiving for years.
ALLISON JOSEPH is a poet, editor, and professor, director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and poetry editor of Crab Orchard Review. She also directs the Young Writers Workshop, a creative writing summer workshop for high-school writers. Being the moderator of the Creative Writers Opportunities List is just one of the many things Allison does.
I introduced myself to her and said, “A year ago when I was looking for a place to publish my book, I got my weekly CRWROPPS list email and noticed that Autumn House Press was calling for full-length book submissions. I’d never heard of Autumn House, but because it was on the CRWROPPS list, I decided to submit to them. Half a year later, they called me up and said I’d won first place and they wanted to publish me!”
Allison had a great, big smile on her face, “Those are the stories I love to hear,” she said. She went on to say that if she were starting the list-serve over today, she’d choose a different, easier to remember name. “It’s grown so much, that it would be hard to change it now,” she said. “So CRWROPPS it is.”
It was great to meet Allison, to personally thank her for the work she does and to tell her about the impact it had on my writing life. There are some writers who work within the writing community at great cost, time and effort. They support other writers and rejoice with them in their successes. Allison Joseph is one such writer.
If you’re ready to start publishing some work and looking for a straight-forward list-serve about writing opportunities, CRWROPPS would serve you well. SIGN UP HERE. 
PHOTO: pic of some of the literary journals I’ve been published in. Some of which use CRWROPPS to call for submissions.
Jill Kandel
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    I agree that CRWROPPS is a fabulous resource.

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