Open Door Days

Some days, as a business, I just plain need to get out and knock on some doors. This past week I set aside one whole day. I dressed up, put on make-up and nice shoes, and went out into the real world. And just FYI: as a writer, I’m usually in the basement in yoga pants and a gray t-shirt. Barefoot. Bed-head. So really, if I put in the effort to dress-up, I might as well make good use of it. The funny thing is that I never know how a business day will go. Open doors? Shut doors? Ignored?

So I put on my game face and play Are you interested in carrying my book? It’s not my favorite game to play. But I do it anyway. The only way people are going to read my book is if it is available. And the only way it’s available is if I make the effort. So here we go …

Zandbroz Capture

Store # 1: Zandbroz Variety on Broadway. I called ahead and made an appointment. Owner Greg Danz was knowledgeable about the book business and helpful. I consigned some books with him and he will stock them and see if they sell. Very cool! Thanks, Greg! We talked about book readings v.s. book signings.

He invited me to do a book signing at his store on Saturday, April 25th, 1-3 p.m. Should be great!

Fargo Public Library Capture#2: Fargo Public Library. I walked into the gorgeous Fargo Public Library and went upstairs to the help desk and asked (with a little trepidation) to talk to someone in acquisitions. Jason came out and I told him about my book. He was genuinely enthusiastic and listened to the synopsis, the press it has had, my desire for it to be in the library. He is passing the information on to the ‘system’ and will get back to me. Terrific!

Friends of the Fargo Library, Capture

#3 Friends of the Library, Fargo.  I stopped in the Friends of the Library  used bookstore which is in the library on first floor. I chatted with the assistant, told her about my book, and she called a friend over, and then another. All three of these people are book club members. I gave them bookmarks and business cards and we talked about my book. They will talk to their book clubs and would LOVE to read my book and have me come talk about it. They were so excited! We talked books, authors, genres, book clubs. I think I’ve met my peeps!  I left encouraged that there really are people who care about reading. Three possible book clubs and information on two more to contact.

ND Today, Capture

2. Valleyy news live, Capture

#4 Valley News Live. I came home and found an email from Valley News Live in my inbox. They wanted to confirm that I could come in and do a show! We emailed and forth and here it is:

Valley News Live, the North Dakota Today Show, Tuesday April 14, 9:45 a.m. Whooot!

EFCA Capture

#5. A friend called and asked to stop by to pick up a book. She also asked if I’d consider speaking at her church about my book and something inspirational. Yes! So I’m booked to be the main speaker. I’ll be talking about Life as Story.

Evangelical Free Church, Eagle Valley, Spring Tea. Saturday, May 16. 9:30 to Noon. 

Atomic Coffee, Capture

The evening ended with my writing club get together. We meet every other week at Atomic Coffee. Study, talk, tangent, and drink coffee. A great way to end a surprising day.

If this all sounds too good, well, it kind of was. But, don’t worry. The day after was a let down in every way possible. Shut doors, slurs, and people who were just plain bored with the idea of my book. It’s a teeter-totter. But today, I was up in the air. And it was fun in that scary sort of way. I don’t like going out. I don’t like promoting my book. But, hopefully, I’m learning how to do it somewhat gracefully. Learning to take the yes times and the no times, both with a grain of salt.

Jill Kandel
  • Gianna
    Posted at 11:42h, 24 March Reply

    Way to go, girl!

    I hate getting out and promoting, which I have to do for the 5k. Ick.

    I gleaned from this that I can seek a book club at a library (why didn’t I think of it before?) and CO is bound to have a nice, big, happy library. So thanks for the tip.


  • Jill Kandel
    Posted at 06:05h, 25 March Reply

    Yes, Libraries are great places for a whole host of reasons!

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