New Book Distributor … Again

The liquid and ever-changing world of book publication reminds me that just when I get comfortable, things are most likely going to change. This time it’s my Book Distributor. I’ve gotten a new book distributor … Again.


A few days ago, I got an email from my publisher at Autumn House Press. They are moving to a new book distributor. Again. In the past two years they have been with Baker & Taylor, then with Small Press Distribution.

As of August 1, 2016 Autumn House Press will be moving exclusively to University Press of New England as its book distributor.


BooNew Book Distributor ... Again., Jill Kandel, So Many Africas, Memoir, author blogk Distributors are the folks that keep the boxes of books on site, take orders and ship  books out. They do the grunt work.

What that means is no one (not even the authors) can buy books directly from Autumn House. If I set up a reading at a bookstore, for example, I will now need to order copies through UPNE.

The author discount will be 40%. So authors pay 60% of the retail price to buy their own books. I’m not sure about the shipping yet. Usually, the author pays shipping fees also. And the bookstore will want a percent of the earnings, too. That’s fair. They’re running a business. Which just goes to say, as I’ve said before and you’ve heard a thousand times: if you want to make money, get a different job.

~ I’m not being cynical. And I’m not being trite. The writing life is a good life. But it is not, for most people, a good living. ~


Jill Kandel, New Book Distributor ... Again., memoir. So Many Africas

UPNE offers distribution services including order fulfillment, customer service and inventory management to about 140 titles per year through its Book Partners program.

Guess none of this is earth shattering. None of this changes most of my day to day life. But behind the scenes, my publisher is working to stay up-to-date and work within the book industry to stay alive and healthy. I’m thankful for that.

If your an author, just don’t get too comfortable or complacent. It’s an ever-changing publishing world. And book distributors are just one part of the machinery that keeps it all running.

Jill Kandel
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