My Sassy Child

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After the contract is signed, the next step is to send the manuscript to the press. I have a month to go through it page by page, looking for typos and grammar mistakes. I read through the ms again and again. I enlist my hubby and two daughters to read it also. The most common mistake I find is in the tense. A misspelled word here and there. A period missing. A capitalization that should or should not be. I have spelled a few Dutch words incorrectly. I print it out and read it again. I cross out and change little things. Print again.

By the time I am done, I have reread my book a dozen times and have gone through a ream of paper.

I print out a copy and tie it up with some colorful yarn. After a dozen years of work on this puppy I can hardly send it off without some sort of fanfare!

I put the manuscript in an envelope and blow it a kiss. I know it is silly, but I send off each of my essays and stories with a kiss. I wonder if other authors have a routine, a high-five, a blessing of sorts: Go out into the world, find your home. I hand the package over to the post mistress and imagine it winking at me, like a sassy child, on her way out into the big wide world.

Jill Kandel
  • Inna
    Posted at 17:52h, 26 September Reply

    I like the mental image of a manuscript being like a sassy child. 🙂 It sounds difficult but happy. Fitting.

    • Jill Kandel
      Posted at 20:00h, 26 September Reply

      I could have said bratty, but thought better of it. 🙂

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