I am a nanna. I am an author.

So here’s the Big News #1: I have a grandson.

And my youngest daughter is holding him and wearing a NEWSIES t-shirt from our trip to New York City and going to a real Broadway Show and the little guy is snuggled in her arms and nestled just perfectly under the word: NEWS. It wasn’t planned that way. Serendipity, that 1960s-hippy-flower-power-word, has just happened and nothing can make the day finer. 

I get home at midnight after a day of watching my son hold his son (!) bewilderment and baffled-brain and happy, happy, happy.

And there’s a Facebook message:
Could you please call me? I have a proposal that may interest you.
Best, Michael Simms, Editor-in-chief & Founder, Autumn House Press.

No! I can’t call you! It’s midnight.

It’s midnight and I can’t sleep for thinking about his question. Autumn House Press wants me to call. Maybe they liked my manuscript. Maybe they want to publish it. Maybe they want me to rewrite it. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Tick, tock.

I call Michael Simms the next morning and he says, “Dinty W. Moore chose your book, ‘A Sliver of Shade: Six Years in an African Village,’ as the first place winner in the 2014 Autumn House Creative Nonfiction contest.”

I repeat it to him, “I won?” More of a question than a statement. 

“First place,” he says again.

So there it is. My Other Big News: my book is going to be published! I am spinning and giddy and cannot begin to adjust to these two new pieces of news in my life.

I am a nanna.
I am an author.

Jill Kandel
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