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As a reader, I’ve used Goodreads since 2009. It’s a virtual bookshelf with all my books on it. I put the books in categories such as art, cooking, Africa, memoir and also the year I read it. The nice thing is, I use the library a lot, and I don’t own every book I’ve read. So this is a way to look back and see them all. And if I forget the title of a book, it’s a quick way to scroll a list and find it.

Recently, I’ve started using Goodreads in a new way. As an author.

Capture Listopia



Listopia: This week I began to explore getting my book onto various lists. It’s easier than I thought. I browsed list names and found some I thought would be a good fit, and added my book to them.

On some of the lists, my book is doing fairly well. On others, it is lost in the crowd. I’ve never done this before, but today, if you enjoy reading my blog and are a Goodreads member,  would you vote?  

Here’s a link. Vote on any or all of the lists my book is on. GOODREADS LIST


Underneath each LIST name, you will see the number that So Many Africas is listed as. Click the link and look for that number. Hopefully, you will see the cover.  Click to Vote. It would be a boost to my book and a favor to me.

(ONE CURIOUS NOTE: Books sometimes share the same number rating on Listopia … if so, scroll down that number until you see the So Many Africas book jacket. It may even be on the “next” page. Weird how each number is not assigned individually.) 

Thanks to all who read. Thanks for taking the time. AND if you are not on Goodreads, you might just enjoy it. It’s a fantastic place to find, well, good reads! 

Next up I’ll be learning about Goodreads Give Aways. Stay tuned! And happy reading to each and everyone.

Jill Kandel
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