Everybody Said

Everybody said, “You’ll love Twitter.” They said, “Facebook is history.” They said, “Get with it.”

Well, I would just like to say this: They were right.

I joined Twitter three weeks ago, as a trial. Just to check it out. I found out that I like it. No one is more surprised than I am. I expected it would be just another thing to do. Just another marketing tool. Just another …

Here’s why I like Twitter.

1. It connects me to a whole new book world.

I don’t spend much time browsing the web (except when I’m doing research for my next book) so Twitter connects me to people who connect me to all things bookish on the web.

Book Riot, NPR Books, BookSnob. Because of this I’ve read articles in the NYTimes on reading affecting children’s brains, on the controversial new book by Harper Lee, on what is new and out and hot in the reading world.

2. It connects me to my local city.

Fargo Monthly, High Plains Reader, 1 Million Cups Fargo, City of Fargo, ND Tourism. Because of this, I receive news without having to go to a newspaper. I found the Pens & Pints writing event on twitter. Otherwise I would have missed out on the fact that it was happening.

3.It connects me to bookstores and book events in Minnesota. 

Magers & Quinn, The Loft, The Thread. Because of this I am aware of authors who are coming to town, giving talks, classes being offered.

4. It connects me with authors. 

Elizabeth Gilbert, Dinty W. Moore, Lori A. May. I read about what they are writing and promoting. And I learn. Elizabeth Gilbert has a great new podcast series out, Big Magic. I ran across it on Twitter. I listen to it while I clean my kitchen and it inspires me.

5. Ok. Marketing. It’s a pretty amazing marketing tool. Twitter is a handy way to tell people about yourself, your book, your writing. Why not?

In the end, this is what I’ve noticed. Facebook makes me feel stupid because I’m an introvert. I don’t care about your cousin’s cousin’s surgery. (sorry) I don’t care what you are eating. I don’t care. Okay. You get it.

Twitter gives me doors that open up a whole world. I am a better informed human being because of Twitter.

So. Are you on Twitter? If so, you can follow me at: twitter.com/Jill_Kandel 

(There’s even a Twitter link up on my blog, under social media. Aren’t I clever.)


Jill Kandel
  • Casey Baardson
    Posted at 15:09h, 18 August Reply


    • Jill Kandel
      Posted at 15:26h, 18 August Reply

      Ha. Ha. “Thumbs up.”

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