Hire, Heuer, higher: All three pronounced the same. I hired Eric Heuer. I am capable of many things, but not of designing a website.

I knew I wanted to use WordPress. So the process began with looking at WordPress templates. Completely overwhelming. There are hundreds of templates with names like: Merit, Dunamis, Prodigy, OXY, Batch, Totemic. Each one purports to do something unique for you. The terminology was off the charts new for me: WooCommerce, Widget Ready, WOML Compatible, bbPress, Framework, Bootstrap, Responsive Portfolio, IE11.

I called Eric and he narrowed it down to three templates that he thought would do the job well for me.  ThemeForest is the site we used. They sell templates for WordPress and have a ‘live preview’ option so I went in and played around. Eric and I settled on one theme and I bought it for $58.

Then he asked me what I basically wanted. Umm. Not sure! Google time again.

I Google “Best Author Websites” and start making lists of what I liked and what I didn’t like.

There were a lot of decisions: colors, font, number of pages, style, sliders, photos. Eric and I spent about four hours on the design elements. I wanted classy and simple. Clean and minimal. Turquoises, blues, whites. I sent him photos. And then Eric put it all together and build it!

So. Here’s to Eric. You wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t for him. Thanks, Eric!
Want to see more of his work? Here you GO. 

Jill Kandel
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