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The night was full of just about everything: Snakes, explorers, Snorkeling ballerinas, princesses, pipe smoking pirates, bowler hats, glamorous black feather boas, Okapi Pets, Passport games, and friends both young and not so young. Here’s a preview of the photos.

To look at ALL of the photos go here: PHOTOS , click on Book Party, and type in the password:  africa (case sensitive)

To download photos: hit the download button and use the pin: 6510


somanyafricas-8 (800x532) somanyafricas-15 (800x532) somanyafricas-20 (800x532) somanyafricas-28 (800x532) somanyafricas-31 (800x532) somanyafricas-37 (800x532) somanyafricas-44 (800x532) somanyafricas-46 (800x532) somanyafricas-48 (800x532) somanyafricas-53 (800x532) somanyafricas-58 (800x532) somanyafricas-59 (800x532) somanyafricas-61 (800x615) somanyafricas-67 (800x532) somanyafricas-74 (800x532) somanyafricas-76 (800x532) somanyafricas-97 (800x532) somanyafricas-109 (532x800) somanyafricas-117 (800x532) somanyafricas-119 (800x532) somanyafricas-123 (532x800) somanyafricas-131 (800x532) somanyafricas-140 (800x532) somanyafricas-142 (532x800) somanyafricas-145 (800x532) somanyafricas-146 (800x532) somanyafricas-150 (532x800) somanyafricas-152 (800x532) somanyafricas-153 (800x532) somanyafricas-156 (800x532) somanyafricas-158 (800x532) somanyafricas-165 (800x532) somanyafricas-166 (800x532) somanyafricas-170 (800x532) somanyafricas-112 (800x532) somanyafricas-101 (800x533)somanyafricas-18 (800x532)


To my M.C.: you set up, served food, handed out passports, kept the games going, manned the music and video, AND helped tear down. You are the best!

To everyone who came: Thank you! I wish I could have had more time with each of you.


 somanyafricas-5 (800x532)somanyafricas-1 (800x532)PHOTO CREDITS:Kris & Anni WEBSITE

Jill Kandel
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