The website is up and running, the blurbs are in. Whatever else could there be still to do? My publisher asks me where I want to send the ARCs. Advanced Review Copies. These are copies of the books that are not complete and are sent out early as a marketing tool. They may be lacking in the final proofread or final cover design or dust jacket. ARCs are sometimes called uncorrected proofs. They are also known as bound galley proofs.

Technically, Autumn House Press doesn’t do the ADVANCED part. They do Review Copies. These are the completed books that are sent off to wondrous places like The New York Times Book Review, in hopes that someone there will read and love the book and write about it so it will sell a bazillion copies. Advanced Copies are sent out before a book is available for sales.

Autumn House Press has a list of places they typically send to. This list includes American Book Review, American Literary Review, The Bloomsbury Review, Booklist, Bookslut, Foreword Reviews, Library Journal, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper, Publisher’s Weekly, Rain Taxi, The Hudson Review, The Harvard Review, and Weave Magazine.

They ask me for other places, places I might have connections to that would be interested. It’s time for research and for scratching my head. Writing is a solitary profession. It’s not a game full of players made up of the extrovert persuasion. And introverts, well, we have Great Friends, but sorry to say, not a whole lot of them. Definite disadvantage.

I make lists. High School. College. Grad School. Places I’ve worked. Journals I’ve been published in. I know a few people who know people. Ah. Sad little list. Guess this is going to be an ongoing project.

PHOTO: Some of my favorite orange colored books. 

Jill Kandel
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