A Book’s Birthday

This past week, So Many Africas, had its first birthday. It came into the world with a release date of January 1, 2015. And here we are. 2016. It’s been an eventful year: starting this blog, doing radio shows, a TV spot, lots of newspapers. And traveling, speaking at libraries and book clubs.

A year ago, I hardly knew what to expect. And now I’m a “seasoned author” having done a “only two people showed up” book talk event. I’ve thrown a book party, spoken to hundreds of people, and been to three writer’s conferences. 2015! You were quite the year.

adele 2

This past week, Adele Gallogly, wrote a really great review of So Many Africas on her blog: The Greater More, The Smaller Yes. I’ve never met her. But I met a friend of a friend at the AWP conference in Minnesapolis last summer. Adele lives in Ontario and writes for World Renew, a relief and development agency.

It was such a pleasure to read her review. I felt like she captured the book in many ways and wrote thoughtfully. I am deeply gratified that a woman who does such fine work with world relief should find my book helpful and lovely. Thank you, Adele! For the work you do and for the review you wrote.

Here is a snippet of what she wrote, “So Many Africas is a gorgeously written account of one woman reclaiming her voice. Yet it is so much more than that. For readers – especially in Christ-follower communities – it is also a challenge to create listening space for the experiences that wound and astound us without a tidy “happily-ever-after.” And a call to trust the beauty and truth that can come from their telling.”

I wish my book a fond happy birthday.

I wish you all a wonderful 2016! 

PHOTO: Harold Ball on his birthday. Mongu, Zambia. 1980s.

Jill Kandel

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