10 Fargo Facts

Fargo: Yah sure, you betcha. I live in Fargo. Well, sort of.

When people ask, “Where do you live?” It’s a conundrum to answer.

If I say, “I live in Fargo,” the response is always, “Really? Like the movie?”

If I say, “I live in Moorhead,” the response is always, “Where is that?”

And so I choose the lesser of two evils, and purger myself. 

10 Fargo Facts

  1. It’s a twin city. Really, it is. Two cities, two states, one river. The Red River divides Fargo North Dakota from Moorhead Minnesota. I live on one side and work on the other. What can I say? Life is complicated. And Fargo/Moorhead is a great community to live in.
  2. The Movie Fargo wasn’t filmed in Fargo. What? Nope. Any clod hopper around these parts can tell you that the infamous movie was mostly filmed in Brainerd, MN and in the other Twin City: Minneapolis/Saint Paul. (Both of which are in Minnesota) Snopes.
  3. We not only have our own movie, we have our own book,  How Fargo of You, by Marc de Celle. It’s a compilation of those Fargo Friendly stories about neighbors and strangers and all us good-hearted Fargoian types.
  4. Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota (approximately 228,000 people) but not North Dakota’s capitol city. Bismarck takes that honor.
  5. Fargo won The Weather Channel’s America’s Toughest Weather City” poll in 2011. Our blizzards, extreme temperatures, and horrendous floods proving that we are indeed a tough lot. And proud of it.
  6. Fargo won the Drunkest City in America designation in 2014. I wonder if these two polls are related? Perhaps weather extremes and drinking having something in common??
  7. Record low temperature in ND -60.
  8. Record high temperature in ND 121.
  9. Living here it’s possible to experience a temperature variance of 181 degrees! Pack your Bermuda shorts and your long johns. If you don’t know what those are, don’t come. But if, on the other hand, you come and you’ve forgotten something, like your goose-down Snow Mantra Parka (the warmest jacket ever created) I’m sure you will find some friendly Fargo person to lend you an extra. We keep piles of coats hanging around for all occasions. And we like to share.
  10. Yesterday Fargo was chosen by the Milken Institute as the #1 Small Metro in the U.S.! So despite its cold temps, wild winds, high summer temps, tornadoes and floods, there’s a lot to say for us. We’re friendly. Hospitable. Hard working. And tough.

Fargo. Yeah, sure, youbetcha. I live in Fargo like the movie Fargo was made in Fargo. Sort of. A little bit. Kind of. Well, ya know, at least I don’t talk with the accent.

Happy writing and reading, wherever you live. The world is a fascinating place. And so is the place I live.

Jill Kandel
  • Gianna
    Posted at 10:46h, 11 December Reply

    From Fargo, doncha know. 😀

    I love Fargo, mostly thanks to you and Anni. COS sometimes reminds me of that place. Except the blizzards are a good 60 degrees warmer here. (A fact I’m particularly excited about.)

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